Friday, October 31, 2008

It's a fine day to be a McPoyle

If any of you have watched the show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia than you are familiar with this fine brood of people (and you also have a fantastic sense of humor). These are the McPoyles, and they are horrible, disgusting people. And they also just happen to be what J-Pants, our friend Matt, and myself are going to be for halloween. I can't wait!

I bought some facial hair the other day and will be venturing out onto the town with a slight mustache and a full blown unibrow. It got me thinking though and I realized that I have donned facial hair for the past few halloweens. I did happen to win a costume contest with this one...

...but only after I threatened to rape and pillage the house the party was at if I didn't win.

Either way, I hereby pronounce Halloween the greatest time of year.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Ray of light

J-Pants and I attended the Ray Lamontagne concert last night, and that officially completes my list of things I need to do before I die. Its been nice knowing all of you. But in all seriousness, have you ever heard a song that was so beautiful it made your heart hurt? That was what the entire concert was like. (If I heard any of my friends say what is in the green text, I would tell them to stop being such a pussy.) J-Pants and I have been in love with Ray for years now and there are several of his songs that are "our songs", so it truly was magical to see him last night. I was so giddy and may have acted like a child on Christmas Eve.

Whenever I hear about new bands I usually look them up, so if any of you out there are so inclined, make sure you look up the songs Jolene and Trouble. As a disclaimer: The first time I listened to Ray, I hated him. But since a friend who usually nails my musical taste had given me the cd, I gave it another chance for his sake. Cam, I never should have doubted you. So if you don't like it, give it a second chance. And if you still don't like it, you probably like Lil' Wayne and we shouldn't be friends.

Also something you should know, Ray's bassist looked exactly like this muppet and moved like her.

This is Leona Naess. She opened for Ray. And even though she acted like a stoned 7-year-old, I liked her music. She's sounds a bit Feisty. I'll give her the green light onto my ipod.

Dear J-Pants:
All of this around us'll fall over
I tell you what we're gonna do
You will shelter me my love
And I will shelter you

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Given the fact that I work overnight at my job, I have WAY too much time on my hands and I end up reading people's blogs all night. So you could say that this blog was the love child of boredom and following the crowd. Because yes, I do whatever everyone else does. No questions asked.
So here's to my family and friends that I hope to keep updated on mine and Jordan's lives. Because lets be honest, most of you don't even know where Laramie is.
Love Love Love Ash