Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Grab-Bag of Blog Topics

I'm sure you've all heard the same thing: never talk about ex-boyfriends or politics on a first date. And seeing as how this is my first blog, I feel that the same rules should apply. So if I remain unaffiliated I think I can get away with talking about my voting experience today.
I had gone in the the county clerks office to vote early a few weeks ago, but when I got there I realized that I didn't recognize most of the names on the ballot. So, deciding to be a good citizen, I decided to research the candidates out and vote on November 4. In the time leading up to November 4 I THOUGHT about looking up the candidates...but didn't. Election day rolls around and I stroll into the polls, undeterred by my lack of knowledge. Still not recognizing most of the names on the ballot, how do I decide to vote? I went with the last names that most amused me. I voted for Hugh McGinley because his name made me think of a crusty drunkard, sobering up just long enough to make it to the hospital district trustees meeting once a week. And of course I circled Nick Carter for the United States senate. Who wouldn't want a backstreet boy representing them?! And because of my vote there may be a school district trustee now named Julie Radosevich, because she sounds czech enough to be related distantly.

Some may say my voting technique is irresponsible, and to those people I say "You are right".

J-Pants humored me last night and watched The Strangers with me. I'm a sucker for scary movies. All in all it scared the pants off of me, and I may have screamed like a little girl several times. The movie must have been a success though, because I was scared to be alone after it was over and had to sit in the bathroom while J-Pants showered.

My only question about the movie was why the two girls got awesome masks while the guy looks like he's wearing a pair of saggy underwear. "Oh, hey Ted. We forgot to get you a mask...so you'll have to make do with these."

I may have found the coolest place in Laramie. Its called Bart's Flea Market and its spectacular. I went there yesterday just looking for a coffee table and ended up spending 2 hours wandering the store, looking through the "treasures". I wanted to wash my hands afterwards, but they have every weird item you could possibly imagine from your childhood. Remember the rollerblading doll that could move by herself (yeah, the one I really wanted but had to play with at a friends house)? They have one in mint condition. They also have all the California Raisin crap you could ever want.
Here's a whole wall of sweet hats. I was finally forced to leave at closing time. But don't you worry Bart's, I'll be back.

Two more things of note, but not worth a whole blog:

I was in line behind this lady the other day and she had the most severe case of "mom butt" I had ever seen. Don't worry, I was very sneaky in taking this picture. Impressed much?

Dear J-Pants,
Thanks for playing barrel of monkies with me, even though you hate games like that.

Love love love, Ash


deanna said...

One of my biggest fears in life (besides spiders, sharks, shoulder pads and big hair coming back into style, and having an aneurysm) is the old lady flat squished wide butt you photographed. ohgoodgosh.

The Harpers said...

I LOVE scary movies too!! Was The Strangers a good one? I've been debating on if I should rent it or not.