Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm Not Going To Connect Those Dots

I had an embarassing experience tonight. I went into Hastings to buy a Christmas present for someone (which is amazing considering what a procrastinator I am), and decided on an erotic connect the dots book as an added bonus. I was a little embarassed to even go to the cash register so I carried it under my arm so no one else could see what it was (as if any other people in Hastings on a Tuesday night even care what I'm buying). I get to the cash registers and yippee! I'm the only person in line. I also had a stack of movies to rent so I put the book on top so the cashier would hurry and swipe it and be done with it. But she decides instead to scan all of the movies first so the book just stays there, only for me to realize that a lady I work with has come and stood in line right behind me. "Please don't see it. Please don't see it. I'm not headed home to connect these dots," I kept thinking. I hurried to pay and then did one of those "Oh hey! Yeah, have a good night." I got out of there pretty quickly.
On second thought, I work the overnight and it gets pretty boring. Maybe I won't be giving that away...

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The Harpers said...

That is hillarious!!!