Monday, November 10, 2008

Mcpoyle infestation of Laramie

After (im)patiently waiting for two weeks, my usb cord for my camera finally came and I was able to upload the pictures of our amazing Mcpoyle costumes. There were only a handful of people in Laramie who recognized us as the Mcpoyles but it was still fun. Most people thought J-Pants and Matt were pedophiles.

For those familiar with the show, J-Pants actually got fork stabbed that night. Matt just didn't know his own strength.
How about that uni-brow eh? People who I didn't even know were referring to me as "the uni-brow" by the end of the night. I think a lot of girls were baffled as to why I went as a Mcpoyle instead of a skanky nurse.

And as for that mustache, I'd like to thank mascara for helping me with my superb 'stache.


Kelly G said...

Yeah, I read your blog, and I'm a creep, okay? You're the only girl I know who can pull off a faint 'stache so well. And the unibrow!! I bet the slutty nurses were just jealous. Jerks.

The Harpers said...

So yeah aparantly Stephanie said that this lady also started talking about masturbation in relief society...she said it had absolutely nothing to do with the topic of the lesson and that she kept going off about it. Lol CRAZY LADY!!