Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Christmas Goose For Everyone!

I worked overnight Tuesday and ended up sleeping all day Wednesday. 
I woke up up around 4:00 to this:

That's right. J-Pants had cooked an entire Christmas dinner, Turkey included.
It was amazingly delicious.

Since we didn't get to go home for Christmas, J-Pants and I got to start our own
Christmas traditions. We were kind of silly about it and would scrutinize every decision. "Do we want cookies or cinnamon rolls Christmas eve? Whatever we choose will be the tradition from now on." (When of course the right answer was both.) 
We decided to adopt his tradition of opening presents Christmas eve (which I used to make fun of him for when we were dating). 

The xbox wheel he doesn't get to use for 2 more weeks (see previous post)
He just had to pretend instead.
My awesome new coat.
I can't wait to use this! (Thank you Naomi for the inspiration)
And, one of the coolest presents ever, Ma and Pa Sefcovic sent me an Amazon Kindle.
Merry Christmas everyone!

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