Saturday, January 24, 2009


This past week I had the opportunity to attend Obama's inauguration. It was truly incredible to be in a crowd of such enthusiastic people, excited about the future. I won't bore you with all the details, but it was something I'll never forget.

My dad was able to get tickets (possibly because there weren't a whole lot of people from Utah clamoring to go).  So my dad, brother, and I were able to get a pretty decent view of the capitol.
I love my dad.

There were snipers on the roof!

The next day we were able to visit the Lincoln memorial. (I kept trying to pull my dads hat down the whole day but it kept creeping back up ha ha)
The closest I'll ever get to a picture with Obama.

So good luck to President Obama in the coming 4 years. 


deanna said...

hey hair cut, did you tell Beyonce hello for me?

Catherine Faux said...

Hey I just found your blog. It's hilarious. How are you? I think it's funny you are in Wyoming, but you are probably there for a good reason. check out my blog sometime (I like my kids)

Catherine Faux said...

Also, I guess Justin hung out with Alexia in DC a while back. She lives there and also went to the Inauguration. She was probably the sniper you saw.