Saturday, January 24, 2009

Storm Trooper Ping Pong

I discovered something this week: My cousin Britney may have the cutest kids ever. 
She lives in D.C. with her husband and four sons and we stayed with them on our trip. Since they live so far away I don't see them much, and when I do its usually at chaotic family Christmas parties. So I had no idea how cool these kids were. I'd be more than ok if I had several just like them. And if there was any confusion, Sam (the one on the far left) told me "Hey, I'm awesome. But really, I'm awesome." And I had to agree.

They also had sweet storm trooper helmets that my dad and I played ping pong in.

They may have killed me several times at Mario Kart.
Thank you Matt and Britney for letting us stay with you. You guys are incredible.


Wright Bunch said...

I. LOVE. YOU. the end.

Hillary Garner said...

Thanks for commenting on our blog and i'm so glad to know of yours now...I will be unofficially stocking you from time to time. I think you guys are so much fun and I loved the Christmas card and the Halloween pics!