Sunday, January 25, 2009

Why are you bugging me?

J-Pants and I see this guy all over town. If any of you are familiar with the show Arrested Development, he reminds us of a larger Buster. Around Halloween, we thought it would be really fun to go to a Wiccan ceremony they had posted in the paper. We got there only to find this guy wearing a robe and leading the ceremony. He acted really put out that we were in our McPoyle costumes, instead of wearing fairy wings or witch tights like all of the others.

Last night I was at McCallisters and was lucky enough to sit next to him to snap a picture to send to J-Pants. He was playing checkers or some sort of game with his date. I nearly lost it when his waitress asked if she could clear his plate and he snatched it away, put it on the seat next to him, and yelled "I just want to play a game! Why are you guys bugging me?" She started to walk off and he said "Oh, and I'd like a box."

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Kenna said...

Who doesn't love Arrested Development.

When I think about Buster, I think...