Sunday, February 8, 2009

So Random

That's right. I jumped on the bandwagon and did the 25 random facts about me.
1. Since I know several other Ashley Wrights and about 50 other Ashley's, I always promised myself I would give my kids cool, unique names. But now that my last name is Sefcovic I don't think I could do that. If I gave my kids the names I wanted than they would sound like terrorists and would be stopped at security any time they flew anywhere. "Mr. Ari Sefcovic, please bend over."
2. I hate snakes but watch every documentary I can DVR on them. I usually curl into a little ball while I watch but I can't look away. They fascinate me.
3. It used to make me feel really tough when I would tell people I played rugby. It was something I was really proud of and would try to slip it into conversations.
4. It embarrasses me when I tell people this, but I love Rock of Love. I've watched every episode of every season and even though I find Brett Michaels disgusting and fake, I can't stop watching. 
5. One time in college, a neighbor told me that my kids were going to be diabetic just like me. I slapped him and left the room. One of my biggest fears is that he is right.
6. I could people watch for hours. 
7. When I used to date in high school and college, I always felt like the guy in relationships. I hated it when they would cry, or talk about emotions, or call me too much. I once told a boyfriend that he could come over to my house, only if we didn't talk about our emotions at all the whole day.
8. In college my roommate threw a party. My friend Cassie was sitting on the couch so I farted and tried to waive it in her direction. My intention was for only her to smell it, but it was especially potent and ended up clearing out every single person in the room. My roommate was not happy with me.
9. I spend an inordinate amount of time playing solitaire on my ipod. 
10. I work with delinquent youth, and while we are supposed to help them be more mature and act like adults, usually the reverse happens and I end up feeling immature and just wanting to goof around with them.
11. My husband often tells me that I remind him of a 12-year-old boy because I love farting and bugs and dirty jokes. Not too long ago I found a salamander in a window well. I didn't want to touch it but I built a wall up around it and prodded it with a stick.
12. I hate blue tooth headsets. They make you look like a douche.
13. Dear Mariah Carey, you're just annoying and not sexy. Your voice hurts my ears.Give it up.
14. I've never been as happy as I have been with Jordan. 
15. In high school I loved raiding the costume closet with my friends. I would think up any excuse I could to wear one. I used to call the trunk of my car "The Trunk of Wonders" because it was always stuffed with the most random junk and costumes.
16. One night when we were supposed to sleep at Cassie's house we got locked out. We chose a random persons porch and slept on it. In the morning when the guy who owned the house came out, Cassie demanded breakfast from him. 
17. On a road trip with my family, my brother told me I could have the rest of his apple juice. After my first swig, I realized it was his pee.
18. I was having some weird health problems so I went into the doctor only to find out that I have a third testicle.
19. I wish I was friends with Amy Poehler and Will Arnett. We'd have dinner parties together and someday dress our children in the same outfits.
20. Cassie and I gave the class history speech at our high school graduation, which may have gotten a little silly at some points but never inappropriate. This had been a school tradition to deliver for years. I found out that they did away with it because of me and Cassie.
21. I joined the swim team with my friend Jessie in 9th grade. My first swim meet was a disaster and after my goggles fell off I ended up finishing several minutes after the last person who came in. I never competitively swam again.
22. I decided to take my future into my own hands one March night in 2008 and proposed to my now husband. 
23. I lived in Vernal Utah as a kid and my mom says she knew it was time to move when we started asking to wear camouflage to school like the other kids. 
24. I'm trying as hard as I can to talk my husband into moving out of the country with me.
25. A few months ago the guy who lives above us threw a party at 3am on a Wednesday. I stomped up there in my pajamas, banged on his door, and demanded to know if he was having some sort of ball dropping olympics. I had been woken up in the middle of the night and am still unsure what I meant by it.


Wright Bunch said...
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Jessica C. said...

I love you Ash! The trunk of wonders! oh the memories.... swim team, of course! Sleeping on Emily Argyle's porch! lol lol lol. You are my hero.

Kenna said...

I am not one to ever do tags, but after reading yours I kind of want to do my own. I will think of it as a challenge...or whatever.

Thanks for the comment. I wrote that for myself, and for a close friend of mine who has been keeping secrets, until lately, when she has slowly told them and now her mother in law is freaking out about how her feelings weren't taken into consideration.


Soooo, did you know I'm diabetic as well? Not type 1, type 2, which I like to call 'I'm fat so I have diabetes type 2.' I am threatened every doc visit with pumps and needles and insulin...

I need some diabetic stay healthy tips, if you have any you'd like to share.

Ashley Cooper said...

They did away with the class history speech? That's lame! I remember nothing inappropriate. Now everyone gets to listen to the boring guy from the district for even longer. Awesome.

naomi megan. said...

haha. sefcovic is such an awesome last name.

and you're right, you'll probably have to give your kids more simplistic names... at least ones that people won't have to ask to spell or pronounce since they might be getting that with their last name. i totally wish it was mine.

i mean, really....davis. how lame is davis? thank you.

sharon said...

i wish I had the balls to do number 16 thats great where would you live if you move out of the country? You can come try out Japan will let you guys sleep on our porch

Catherine Faux said...

Hey remember that time you ratted my hair for the tennis match? I looked so scary! Haha. PS these are funny!