Thursday, March 12, 2009

Open your Golden Gates

Jordan and I are headed to San Francisco on Tuesday and neither of us have ever been. Other than eating too much and trying not to get crushed by trolleys, does anyone have any suggestions for what we should do?


Ashley Cooper said...

Definitely go to Alcatraz!

Kenna said...

I was just gonna say that!

Oh, and people watching. Seriously, takes up lots of my time there, I can't help it.

Thank the heavens for my discrete iphone camera.

Wright Bunch said...

Fisherman's Wharf... It rocks. We'll be in Los Angeles on wed! Have fun.

deanna said...

eat some sourdough and clam chowder on the wharf, play with the sea lions, try to make the all silver spraypainted men mess up, drive down the windy street, go to the See's candies factory, run across the Golden Gate, visit Chinatown, sing the Full House and Rice-a-roni (ding ding) songs...the world is yours. I love that place!