Monday, March 9, 2009

Sorry Nascar, I just don't see us being friends

Every year J-Pants and his parents go to the Nascar race in Vegas. And while I love J-pants and love spending time with him, I also love not having to watch Nascar. So even though I've been learning about the fine competition of automotive racing, I knew that J-Pants would have so much more fun without me scowling and asking when the race would be over. 
After cordially backing out, I was able to use that time as an excuse to get my girls together and head to St. George.  It was nice to have a whole weekend of warm weather, windless days (after living in Laramie I forgot what those sounded like), Cafe Rio (even though the lady behind the counter called me sir), and trying the entire time not to pee my pants because of my hilarious friends. I give this weekend a perfect 10.


Kenna said...

NASCAR makes me cranky.

'Look like another left turn Bobby.'

I had a St. George getaway a couple weeks ago. It was so refreshing.

K. Diane said...

Ha! I remember when Jordan would come over to our house and talk about how much he loved NASCAR. At first, I really thought he was joking. Sometimes I could just never tell...