Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Good Work Mr. Sefcovic

On May 2 J-Pants completed his first triathlon.  It was in Denver (two hours from us) and when we got there we realized Jordan had forgotten almost everything: his running shoes, a towel, and his helmet. The guy who laid out his stuff next to Jordan looked like he had brought the entire wal-mart triathlon isle with him and made us feel very ill-prepared. Jordan did so well though and I was quite proud of him. He said his goal time was an hour and six minutes and he finished in 1:06:00.  I was amazed. Jordan and I trained for this triathlon together and I was so excited for it. But several weeks before the triathlon, I received a beautiful surprise and found out I am going to have one of these:
(Look! It even has Jordan's eyebrows!)