Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Good Work Mr. Sefcovic

On May 2 J-Pants completed his first triathlon.  It was in Denver (two hours from us) and when we got there we realized Jordan had forgotten almost everything: his running shoes, a towel, and his helmet. The guy who laid out his stuff next to Jordan looked like he had brought the entire wal-mart triathlon isle with him and made us feel very ill-prepared. Jordan did so well though and I was quite proud of him. He said his goal time was an hour and six minutes and he finished in 1:06:00.  I was amazed. Jordan and I trained for this triathlon together and I was so excited for it. But several weeks before the triathlon, I received a beautiful surprise and found out I am going to have one of these:
(Look! It even has Jordan's eyebrows!)


deanna said...

congrats! for all the news!
ps I'm back in Czechland...I'll say hello to your relatives for you.

Catherine Faux said...

An Alien? Cool!!!! No really, Congratulations! Your life will NEVER be the same...I mean that in a good way of course :). So yeah we are in New Zealand for an intership. It's pretty cool. The Triathlon thing is cool too.

jenny_moffat said...

That is so awesome! Congrats!!! I bet your mom is so excited to be a grandma. When are you due? Way to go Jordan on the triathlon, it will be good prep for a new baby.

The Miner's said...

Hey .. I found you!! Congrats again on the little one! Your going to be such a good mommy!!

Liesl Law said...

do you have pictures of your sisters wedding? My mom says you remind her so much of your mom! She sounded like she had a blast seeing you all again!

How is the pregnancy going anyway? Are you guys wanting to find out the sex or leave life a bit mysterious?!