Sunday, August 30, 2009

What bedside manner?

Dear Dr. Who-will-remain-unnamed,

Thanks for calling me into your office to let me know my baby may have a heart defect and only giving me a kleenex after snot was dripping down my face and I asked for one. Also, even after we did a second ultrasound and everything appeared fine, thanks for saying "But just because everything looks good on the ultrasound doesn't mean you're going to have a perfectly healthy baby." You're an asshole.

Yours truly,

Your disgruntled patient

Lexi - 1

Jordan and I had an awesome visit from my favorite little sister a few weeks ago. She decided to make the beautiful trek along I-80 to visit us (For those of you who have never traveled I-80, count yourselves lucky. You're likely to develop a meth addiction if you stop for too long at any of the truck stops.)
We had so much fun with Lexi that week. One of the days Jordan led us on an amazing hike.
(See, Laramie can be beautiful.)
(I think I may be trying to pick Lexi's nose in this one. I felt that it needed to be documented on this blog.)

Thanks for making such a long drive and being such a cool house guest, with the last week of your summer vacation. 
Points for visiting me in Laramie:
Lexi - 1 
Rest of the family - 0

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lake Powell

Jordan and I got to spend an amazing week at Lake Powell with some of my favorite people. The Crandalls were gracious enough to put up with a pregnant lady and a pale guy who is allergic to the sun while on their sunny vacation. 

(Wait, pregnant women aren't supposed to water ski? I didn't read that in What To Expect When You're Expecting.)
(The sun may have gotten to Jordan one day and he went a little feral.)

Highlights from the trip:
1. Laughing so hard my sides hurt.
2. Eating fancier food while on a houseboat than we eat regularly at home (Thank you Lou! Can anyone say breaded tilapia with an orange glaze? Or spinach and artichoke dip? Or a full pasta bar...)
3. Playing apples to apples (oh, so it's pronounced woe-baggin? My bad, I always thought it was woebegone)
4. Getting to spend time with Jessie and Seth.
5. Writing hit tv shows such as "Papa and Sam: Beach Patrol" and hearing Sam say repeatedly "I hate you guys."
6. But I certainly did not enjoy responsibility island. No fun was had there.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Fancy Pants

It's official. I look like a pregnant woman.
(5 1/2 months)

I now have to wear those weird pregnancy pants with the built in elastic waist.
It's ok though, because she's kicking like crazy and it makes me smile every time.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Takes me back to the summer of '07, eh Tippy?

Question: What's better than tubing the Oneida Narrows with some of the coolest people in Utah? It was actually a trick question. There is nothing better than that.

(I don't know how practically every picture of Lexi ended up being a profile shot)

(I miss her...a whole lot)

Dear Lexi, Jessie, Seth, Cassie, Chris, and Tippy:
Thanks for indulging a pregnant lady on an overcast day and 
treating her to a incredible float. You guys are the best.