Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lexi - 1

Jordan and I had an awesome visit from my favorite little sister a few weeks ago. She decided to make the beautiful trek along I-80 to visit us (For those of you who have never traveled I-80, count yourselves lucky. You're likely to develop a meth addiction if you stop for too long at any of the truck stops.)
We had so much fun with Lexi that week. One of the days Jordan led us on an amazing hike.
(See, Laramie can be beautiful.)
(I think I may be trying to pick Lexi's nose in this one. I felt that it needed to be documented on this blog.)

Thanks for making such a long drive and being such a cool house guest, with the last week of your summer vacation. 
Points for visiting me in Laramie:
Lexi - 1 
Rest of the family - 0

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