Saturday, August 1, 2009

Takes me back to the summer of '07, eh Tippy?

Question: What's better than tubing the Oneida Narrows with some of the coolest people in Utah? It was actually a trick question. There is nothing better than that.

(I don't know how practically every picture of Lexi ended up being a profile shot)

(I miss her...a whole lot)

Dear Lexi, Jessie, Seth, Cassie, Chris, and Tippy:
Thanks for indulging a pregnant lady on an overcast day and 
treating her to a incredible float. You guys are the best.


deanna said...

one of my faves. Well, not that river but in the Provo River. But maybe I'd like that river. Ok I'm just gonna stop now.

Sethica said...

Dear Preggers,
Thank you for helping us to navigate through the treacherous rapids of the Oneida. I think the tube made all the difference. By the way, I really appreciate you keeping said photo off public internet domain. lol... I will return the favor and keep all potential blackmail photos from 12 yrs ago to myself :)