Sunday, August 30, 2009

What bedside manner?

Dear Dr. Who-will-remain-unnamed,

Thanks for calling me into your office to let me know my baby may have a heart defect and only giving me a kleenex after snot was dripping down my face and I asked for one. Also, even after we did a second ultrasound and everything appeared fine, thanks for saying "But just because everything looks good on the ultrasound doesn't mean you're going to have a perfectly healthy baby." You're an asshole.

Yours truly,

Your disgruntled patient


Kenna said...

We had issues with that as well.

'Your baby is dead.'

Then he left the room.

I'll personally write this doc a hate note if you'd like. I hope all is well with your little one. I have presents for you and baby already!!!

Oh, and to add my button (THANK YOU).

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Liesl Law said...

I'm so sorry Ash! I hope that your baby is healthy! Though not near on your level we had a horrible experience with a doctors lack of tack and "bedside manner"!!!

Good luck with everything...and get a second opinion!!!

Ashley Cooper said...

Yes, definitely an asshole. I am in shock that someone could be so insensitive.

sharon said...

Okay he is an asswipe maybe should be casterated. I'm with Lisel get a second opinion. I am sorry I know how cruel stupid doctors can be with that stuff I had a doctor tell me when I was prego with Stevie that maybe I should consider an abortion I have had people tell me that thier children almost died of sids but they saved them ( Mother f%*&$) I am sorry I would also be willing to write him a hate note a well.

The Harpers said...

What a jerk face!

K. Diane said...

I'm guessing this doctor is a man? What an a-hole. You poor thing.

Hillary Garner said...

I got your message on my blog about wanting my sister-in-law Jen to take pictures of your babe...she does do it professionally...only problem is that she lives in Virginia! But still let me know if you want her contact info and i'll get you in touch with her.

oh and by the sorry about your dumb doctor...I've hated my ultrasound docs...this last time he warned that my baby was abnormally small and might not be growing well...he later retracted his statement after I had been stressed about it for over a month! Hope you're doing well!